Register now for last few places for ‘Bring It On Brum’ programme. FREE Nutri Troops on-line INTERACTIVE game and Goody Bag for children in Birmingham

‘Bring It On Brum’ is a programme for families in Birmingham to help all children, young people and their parents to have fulfilling, active, fun-filled and healthy school holidays.

It is the biggest scheme of its kind in the country and will be bringing kids together, improving their holidays and getting them ready to return to school.

In addition to face-to-face activities, Bring It On Brum, in partnership with Nutri Troops are offering 1000 children the chance to be part of the Nutri Troops Academy! By signing up, children will get a free goody bag including a Nutri Troops Pedometer and Magazine!

Nutri Troops is an interactive healthy lifestyle webapp game for children aged 6-11 years old. If you sign up, you will be taken on a digital adventure through a fictional world filled with characters linked to health and unhealthy lifestyles and empowered to become health heroes and learn the importance and benefits of living an active lifestyle.

The program is led virtually by Olympic Athlete Peter Bakare, encouraging the children along their journey touching by drawing on his experience training towards the London 2012 games. Helping children develop their resilience and character.

Limited spaces are available to register visit:


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