Children undertake a journey that is based on the route to becoming an Olympic athlete, by becoming the Nutri Troops within an animated storyworld with real world active and healthy challenges. 

● Children level up to become Healthy Heroes

 ● They work in teams competing in the Nutri Team league

 ● They earn powers from their digital pets, and stop the unhealthy villains of the story from taking over. 

School teachers, PE/PSHE leads, parents and coaches play the role of Nutri Troop Mentors. Using our digital resources, platform and interactive tools, alongside and within interactive and printable lessons, they guide the children – the Nutri Troops – along their journey to becoming Healthy Heroes. 

This significant aspect means that instead of authority figures “nagging” children to improve their lifestyle, they become positive influencers by simply joining in the fun of the game! Further support comes in the shape of in-person and virtual athlete and trainer school visits, which reinforce the messages and generate extra activity.

The programme kicks off with a Games Day, where children take on the role of healthy heroes in the Nutri Champions Cup. They split into five teams; earn points for completing our nutrition lessons taught through PE games, animated mentors and Olympians. 

The Nutri Games are nutritional focused lessons through team building PE Games. Each game is guided by our Olympic Athletes, animated mentors and character themed Nutrition Cards. 

After the Games Day, primary schools are turned into the digital training academy; they earn points and rewards for completing our curriculum-based challenges. Schools can share their success stories with our digital platform and train the next generation of healthy heroes. 

The programme teaches children the importance of looking after both their bodies and their minds. 

Nutri Quest

 Schools are able to use the Academy Platform to dive into the world of Nutri Troops, read and watch the animated education videos and share their successes/victories from the character challenges. 

Nutri League

Schools and students can collect points from completing the challenges and go head to head with other academies to be crowned the Nutri League Champions.

Nutri Academy Platform

The Academy Platform is the network to other schools where they can share their success stories / news with parents and showcase their rewards and active clubs they have at school.

The programme includes: 

Interactive Lesson Guides

National Curriculum (Science, PSHE, Well – Being) 

Nutrition Education

Interactive guided meditation for mental health

Animated interactive fitness games

Animated Cooking Videos

Topics covered:

Food Groups 

Energy In and Out 

Role of Nutrients in the body

Importance of exercise

Team Building



Importance of sleep, meditation and nutrients for mental health

To book a visit from the Nutri Troops to your school or request a call back, contact