Using Goal Setting and Growth Mindset, children earn points for completing activities to become a Healthy Hero based on the journey Olympians and Paralympians take to become their personal best.

Activities (lessons, active minutes at camp and home) are logged in the system and points awarded.

There are 5 Levels/Ranks for Nutri Troops to complete that work as milestones for the children as they progress through the PE and PSHE lesson.

Children complete interactive missions based on different aspects of Energy In / Energy Out.

As children learn new skills and show perseverance, they are rewarded with Nutri Jewels.

These Jewels can be used to restore and activate their Nutrians, which are linked to different foods and active skills.

The more activities they log and points they collect, the more Jewels they earn.

Included in Nutri Troop Home:

Official Nutri Troops Pedometer 

Nutri Troops Magazine

Nutri Troops Card Game

Access to the Nutri Troops Academy

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