“Year 3 had a visitor from Nutri-Troops to learn more about Healthy Eating. We had a great afternoon getting active and learning about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. We worked in teams to play games involving grouping food into the different food groups and understanding the balance between them all in order to eat healthily. This has been a fun part of our Eco work this term, and part of our Science theme on food and nutrition. “

Washingwell Primary School

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Peter for our Nutri Troops session yesterday! The children in Venus and Neptune were fully engaged with the healthy schools curriculum programme involving animated characters to stimulate interest. We learned about the different food groups and took part in a variety of activities linked to healthy bodies and healthy minds. We certainly are healthy heroes now! There was even time at the end of the session to listen to Peter’s inspirational story about his time as an Olympic volleyball player! The feedback from both staff and children about the session was fantastic.”

Cloverhill Primary School

“The lesson was really well presented and Peter completely engaged the children. The messages were clear and delivered in a fun way. The animation to put the learning into the context of a story was excellent.

The children loved it. The activities were all relevant and held the children’s interest – there were no time fillers. It covered several aspects of the curriculum – PE, Science and PSHE. Super work around team building, working together and communicating with each other.”


 75%: Percentage of affiliated schools who have benefited from targeted activities and interventions delivered on school sites. Reaching 1,750 children. Nutri Troops have created a huge awareness of healthy food, healthy bodies, and healthy minds. – Gateshead Schools Health & Wellbeing Service Report Results: It was found that the Nutri-Troops training academy leads to significant improvements in 14 aspects, with limited to 3 adverse outcomes on the group level over 12 weeks. Specifically, participants increased in fruit and vegetable intake by 9.8% or reaching roughly four a day, physical activity levels by 20.3% (p=0.024 and p=0.003 respectively). It was estimated that the intervention added approximately 24.6 minutes to time spent playing outside to the children activity (p=0.009). Furthermore, the Nutri-Troops intervention has been able to increase nutritional knowledge and physical activity across males and females of most Year groups. Therefore, prior nutrition awareness and physical activity level demonstrating this form of intervention lead to increases in nutrition knowledge and physical activity with significant implications for public health. Conclusions: Digital Nutri-Troops intervention with nutrition and physical activity guidelines lead to substantial increases in nutrition awareness and physical activity levels in primary school children. However, future studies are needed to investigate potential effects, including the control group. Northumbria University Research Project 2020 “Nutri-Troops: an online school intervention to investigate the effects of nutrition awareness and physical activity in primary schools children”. Researchers: MSc Public Health (Nutrition) & BSc Hons Human Nutrition Algimantas Beinoravicius, Dr Julie Young.