Card Game: Board & Rules 

Aim of the Game: First Nutri Troop to have 5 Nutrian Clash Cards Activated Face Up

Set Up. 

Draw Pile 

Discard Pile 

2 x 5 card row/slots

Shuffle Cards. 

Deal 5 Cards face down to each player with the remaining cards face down in the draw pile. 


Each player can look at their own cards and arrange them in any order.

Player 1 flips any 1 card over and chooses a category and calls out the number. Strength 60

Player 1 then chooses any card on player 2 side.

Player 2 then flips the chosen card and calls out the number of the same category chosen. Ie Strength 45. 

The player with the highest number wins and the winning card remains face up. 

The losing player puts the Nutrian card in the discard pile.

Picks up a new card from the draw pile face down. End of player turn. 

If cards have the same number, then both cards are put into the discard pile with new

The first to five cards face up wins.