The HAF programme is a government initiative which helps provide activities and food to families with children in receipt of benefit-related Free School Meals (FSM) during school holidays. Nutri Troops have partnered Councils around the country to help deliver this fantastic scheme.

The aims of the Nutri Troops HAF programme are:
✓ to enable and encourage children’s continual engagement with Nutri Troops activities that support their development of resilience, character, well-being and broader educational attainment.
✓ to ensure that children develop a greater understanding of health, nutrition, and physical activity.
✓ to encourage children to be more active and eat healthier through the Nutri Troops Game and Interactive Magazine and Power Pack

The development of Nutri Troops from its early stages has been supported by our advisor Professor Greta Defeyter, Professor of Developmental Psychology at Northumbria University.

Using a range of bespoke Nutri Troops activities children are empowered to become Healthy Heroes as they engage in our in game & real-world challenges and learn the importance and benefits of living an active healthy life.

Daily physical challenges are enjoyed at the Camp with a different them each day plus our interactive magazine and videos include:
✓ Exercise challenges
✓ Videos on how to learn the Nutri Troops Dance (step by step through professional dancer
✓ Eating challenges (trying new foods etc)
✓ Games linked to the magazine which teach the importance of exercise and healthy eating
✓ Recipes and nutrition games

The power packs are designed specifically for each program and are packed with goodies:
• A physical magazine and journal
• Playing cards
• Ruck Sack
• Nutri Troops Cards
• A pedometer watch- children get points for doing the recommended amount of steps (12,000 for girls and 15,000 for boys)


Della Bedford, mother to Freddie and George:
“Freddie and George haven’t taken their pedometer watches off since they got them! They love the characters in the Nutri Troops and they’ve been determined to get their steps in each day of the holidays to defeat the villains. George was very excited to meet an Olympian and he now seems far more keen to eat his vegetables. Freddie particularly liked the digital magazine as we cant get him off his ipad and he said the games were as fun as Roblox. I didn’t think I would ever get the boys cooking, but they really enjoyed helping me make the Bolognaise Meal. They also ate the puddings in the box as we were cooking! Thank you so much to Nutri Troops for such a great experience! “

To find out more about our HAF programmes and for more information please email